Coaches: Coaches' Meetings

Our Regional Implementation Projects offer a variety of ways for coaches to gain more knowledge, skills, and resources for implementing PBIS at both school-wide and district-wide levels. 

Each region hosts meetings, workshops, and networking sessions throughout the academic year, all geared towards meeting the needs of our coaches and school at their level of implementation.

Check our event calendars to find meetings in your region.

Please contact your Regional Implementation Project Coach Coordinator on our Contact Us page if you have any other needs or suggestions.

Metro Region Coaches’ Calendar

MRIP Coaches’ Calendar is designed for PBIS coaches, team leaders and PBIS Assessment Coordinators. It is aligned with the specific training content that teams will receive in years 1 and 2.

Each of these monthly calendar pages includes highlighted dates for team trainings, coach trainings, webinars and evaluation/data reporting dates. In addition, each calendar display page contains important tips in the “Coaches’ Corner” and “Data Reminders.” Tips and reminders are generally listed on the month that actions are expected to occur.

Request a copy from MRIP Coach Coordinator Emily Robb at