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Coaches have the knowledge and professional behaviors needed to directly support schools, districts and/or regions build and sustain evidence-based practices.

External Coaches

External coaches are at the district or regional level, and may be responsible for one to many school teams depending upon:

Internal Coaches

Internal coaches provide direct support within a school.

Coaching for school teams in the process of building and installing the elements of PBIS (e.g., securing staff agreements, conducting self-assessments and data reviews, developing school-wide action plans), is frequent and on-going to ensure accurate, continuous, and effective implementation. At least monthly, coaches:

Coaching for school teams that are actively implementing PBIS includes many of the same functions of teams in installation, except that the emphasis is on:

Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles are considered when building coaching capacity:   

Source: SWPBS Implementation Blueprint (pgs. 89-89)SWPBS Implementation Blueprint version September 25, 2010 information will open in a new window.

PBIS Coaches’ Role and Responsibility

PBIS coaches will:

PBIS Coaches’ Skills and Competencies






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