Getting Started: Application for School Training

Every year, our PBIS State Leadership Team selects Minnesota schools that apply to take part in our 2-year PBIS implementation training cohort. Our Regional Implementation Projects coordinate training and support implementation in the northern, southern and metro areas of our state.

Cohort Training Applications

We annually select Minnesota schools who apply to take part in our two-year SW-PBIS Implementation training based on complete and accurate information provided in the application. A strong emphasis is placed on:

  • Evidence of data system that informs behavioral practice;
  • Administrative support and participation;
  • Demonstration of staff buy-in/informed commitment; and
  • Capacity to participate in all required trainings and complete all PBIS assessment tools (TFI, SAS, etc.) in the Data Calendar-at-a Glance.
    An example of a previous cohort application is available below:
  • PBIS MN Cohort 13 Application 2017-2019.docx

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about getting started!

Cohort Application ‘Walkthrough’

Below is a presentation from an informational webinar regarding the cohort application process that we hosted on 11/29/16:
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like us to walkthrough application with you and your interested team members.

Administrator Information

Below are informational slides presented at a cohort administrator’s meeting on March 3, 2016:
Administrator Meeting Cohort 12 MDE.pptx