School Teams: Tier 3

Tertiary interventions in the PBIS framework are designed to meet the individual needs of students who have shown patterns of problem behaviors.
Unlike interventions at the primary and secondary levels, tier 3 interventions are based on the individual student, and include specific interventions and behavioral plans designed to meet the needs of the student at hand.

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  • What is tertiary prevention?
  • What differentiates tertiary (individual) intervention from other systems of positive behavior support?
  • When should a program of tertiary prevention be implemented and who should be involved?
  • Who should be involved in functional behavioral assessments and behavioral intervention planning?
  • How can we address the needs of individuals within group environments?
  • How is tertiary prevention implemented?
  • How should goals for tertiary prevention be determined?
  • How do we know when an individual plan is effective?
  • What should be done when there is a crisis situation?