Thank you so much to all of the organizers, presenters, supporters, and attendees who made Summer Institute a success!

Presentations and other information can be found on Summer Institute webpage.

Basic FBA to BSP: Building Capacity for Tier 3 Behavior Support in School

Thank you to Chris Borgmeier, Portland State University & Amy Campbell, Grand Valley State University for coming to Roseville to prepare coaches, consultants, case managers, school psychologists, administrators, and other support staff to implement and support basic functional behavioral assessment to behavior support/intervention plans in schools and district.

Additional trainings will be offered in the 2017-2018 schoolyear. Email MDE.PBIS@state.mn.us for more information.


What is PBIS?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a framework for organizing strategies to enhance academic and social outcomes using databased decision making.
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Recognition Schools/Districts (2016-2017)

Congratulations to schools and districts that have been recognized as Sustaining Exemplars! More info>
Email MDE.PBIS@state.mn.us for more information.

Cohort Presentations

Cohort training presentations and tools here:
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PBIS Research

Research supports the use of PBIS practices and systems...
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