School Teams

A successful school PBIS team will sustain your school's PBIS initiative!

Our goal is to provide you with current, relevant resources that you can use to keep moving your PBIS efforts forward. The links along the left provide content-specific information and examples to help guide your work.

Scaling-Up PBIS Presentation from APBS 2021

This presentation by Osseo Area Schools and Saint Paul Public Schools shows the ways in which district teams, informed by data, evolve and support the capacity of schools to manage implementation and move toward both improved PBIS fidelity and student outcomes.

School teams from North View Middle School, Distance Learning Academy, Battle Creek Middle School and others share how PBIS implementation has been sustained over time to get to better outcomes, including coordination of supports under the Safe Learning Models of 2020-2021.
Download “Scaling-up PBIS in Big Ways: Stories from Two Large Urban School Districts”

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Recommendations for Common PBIS Experiences

Below are recommendations for common experiences that schools encounter after having been trained and implementing PBIS over time.

  • Team turnover: Most of our PBIS team that went through training is no longer working here.
  • New principal: We have a new principal. What’s the best way to transition?
  • Need a booster: Our building needs a PBIS booster. How do we do that?
  • Need a data system: We don’t have current data. How do we start getting a data system back into place?
  • Staff buy-in: We obtained Staff buy-in before training. Do we have to continue getting staff buy-in during or after training?