Minnesota PBIS Schools

Our first PBIS training in Minnesota was offered to schools in 2005. Our inaugural two-year training cycle included a cohort of nine schools from three school districts. Our initial cohort included elementary, middle and high schools. Since then, the numbers and types of schools participating in training and continued implementation has grown, including urban, suburban, rural, pre-K through 12 schools and programs.  (See map at the bottom of this page.)

As of August 2017, 641 Minnesota schools are in training or have completed our two-year cohort training. Our initiative now includes 31% of Minnesota schools, which impacts over 311,000 students, or 35.6% of our students.

To locate schools in your area with exemplary PBIS practices, contact your Regional Implementation Project coordinators.

List of Minnesota SW-PBIS Schools

To view a list of all participating schools in Cohort 1 – 13 alphabetized by district or charter, and arranged by grade-level, cohort and their Regional Implementation Project, please download document at link below. This is a record of all schools that have completed or are participating in our two-year cohort training.

Download List: SWPBIS_MNschools.pdf

Download Map: Minnesota Regional Implementation Projects for Schoolwide PBIS: Cohorts 1-13